It’s all about the Boobs.

Ok, so perhaps it’s really all about bums, but just for a minute I want to talk about boobs. As any woman can attest to, boob bounce does not make for a fun run. When not properly held in place, they get a mind of their own and you can easily end up taking a knock to the chin if things get a little out of hand. Even if your boobs aren’t that big, the impact of running can be quite off putting, and can in some instances put women off doing any sort of high impact exercise entirely. I don’t have gigantic kahoonas, but they’re big enough that they need to be pulled into line before I set off on my morning run.

Now, if you’ve ever tried to extricate yourself from a crop top or something similar, especially when a little sweaty, you’ll know that it can be as bad as trying to quickly pull on a pair of jeans and getting your undies all tangled as you race to get from the loo to your phone just as it stops ringing. It gets all rolled up on itself and is impossible to unravel quickly. When I used to wear those ‘guaranteed to stop the bounce’ crop tops I used to actually dread getting home and having to take it off – it was like a war that I’d wage after every workout. I’d have to mentally prepare myself for it, take a few deep breaths and then tackle it. Sometimes it would come off super easy, and I’d be high fiving myself in the mirror (because it’s always entertaining watching yourself become a contortionist getting out of it), and other times you’d end up swearing under your breath at whoever thought to make such a ridiculous piece of clothing, and have to take  a breather half way through to compose yourself before fighting on. Sometimes the nail scissors sitting by the basin looked like a legitimate option for getting yourself out of it.

So, after many years of fighting with these crop tops I thought I’d try the sports bras that clip up at the back. If the guys are still reading this, I know you just shuddered at the thought of those dreaded clasps. The ones that women can just throw a hand around and undo like snapping their fingers, and which some men find more difficult than a rubicks cube to solve. At first I loved the fact that I no longer had to become a gymnast to get myself out of them, it was a simple unclip and I was out, and my boobs were free to go their own ways. After a while though I started to get into serious running, and I call anything over about 10km a week serious running – so the 50-60km I was doing was seriously serious. The bra I was using though started to cut into my boobs and it wasn’t nice. That delicate skin under my boob would be bleeding when  I got home from a long run, and when the hot water would hit it, it was like someone had stabbed me with a cactus. It really, really hurt, and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to continue running like this for long.

Enter Sally.

Oh how Sally was my saviour. She told me about a little company called Sixty4 Sports Bras. I owe Sally the health and wellness of my boobs. With one phone call to the magnificent Margot I had 6 bras in the mail to me, and in a few styles and sizes so that I could try them on and return the ones that didn’t fit. I don’t even get that kind of service in person at the big department stores. Margot was a gun on boobs and sent me the perfect styles to try. I don’t often give out rave reviews about products, but this one holds me in place, stops the bouncing, doesn’t cut into me and is still even kind of sexy!

So after falling head over boobs for my new bras, Sixty4 have since come on board as a wonderful supporter of Running for Bums and I can’t be more excited. Not only are there numerous puns to be used over the coming 18 months with respect to being “supported” by Sixty4, it’s also an opportunity for me to share this amazing product from an awesome Aussie company with my beautiful circle of friends and Running for Bums supporters. If you’ve got new boobs, old boobs, little boobs or big boobs, and aren’t loving what’s holding them up at the moment, then I reckon Sixty4 would be a great brand to look at next. Plus, the magnificent Margot is also giving all Running for Bums supporters an awesome discount when you grab your next Sixty4 sports bra – just go to and use the code R4B241 to get 20% off. And please – if anyone has friends who aren’t as active as you know they’d like to be because of their boobs, then do them a favour and tell them about Sixty4.

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