In February 2018 Jenna Brook will begin her Running for Bums challenge from the South East Cape of Tasmania, and cover in excess of 4,500km to finish four months later at the tip of Cape York (that’s the plan anyway). Jenna’s other option of a challenge was to run around Australia, but she thought she’d keep her family happy and try something a little smaller to start with. Jenna hasn’t always been a runner – in fact she has never really been a consistent one until this good idea popped into her head – but she has no boundaries, there are no lines in the sand separating what is and what isn’t possible, and she has got the stubbornness and determination to see this through to the end. Having had her first taste of endurance events in 2012 when she walked 435km across the Simpson Desert, she has since finished two 250km ultra marathons at a snails pace by walking, and had a crack at a few more just for good measure.

Running for Bums is not only a personal challenge of immense proportions, there is also a really important reason for the run, and one that is close to Jenna’s heart. Along the way, Jenna will be raising awareness of Bowel Cancer in the communities that she passes through, as well as online through social media platforms. Bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in Australia and Jenna wants that to change. With early detection, over 90% of bowel cancers can be successfully treated, yet less than 40% are found early enough! This is why knowing your family history and subsequent early detection is so important. Not enough people have the conversation about bowel cancer, most likely as a result of embarrassment, and this needs to change. As someone who loves to be active and get outside, Jenna will also be spreading the message of how moving and keeping active can play an important role in the fight against bowel cancer. So if you see me out and about on the road, let’s talk about bums!

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