Run with Jenna

People from all walks of life are more than welcome to run with Jenna while she trundles through our great country. To make the most of the experience we do have a few guidelines that we’d appreciate you following if you choose to run for a kilometre or a day.

  • If you would like to run with Jenna for a small amount of time (an hour or two), we just ask that you give us a heads up (only if you know in advance that you are coming along though), follow the guidelines below and have a fun day out.
  • We do however ask that visiting runners who would like to spend a day or two on the road with Jenna let the team know in advance so that we can plan ahead.
  • If you are joining Jenna on the road please note that all runners will need to stay together. Yes, this means going at Jenna’s slow trundle (whatever that may be on the day). If you find 7-8min kilometres painfully slow then you’ll be in for a rough day. For safety reasons we can’t have runners spread out along the road and it kind of defeats the purpose of running with Jenna and sharing stories.
  • We request that all visiting runners touch base with the support crew before starting their run with Jenna so we have an idea of how many are out there.
  • All visiting runners must have a hi-vis reflective vest on when running on the open road.
  • All visiting runners must have sun protection (hat, sunscreen, etc) and provide their own food and drinks unless organised with the support crew prior. We can of course transport these for you if required and ferry you around to collect supplies in town should you need it.
  • We are not really in a position to provide accommodation to visiting runners along the route and would ask that if you require shuttling to or from close towns that you make the support crew aware of this when planning your visit so that we can adjust accordingly. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to bring your camping gear or book accommodation in the towns that we are overnighting in.
  • Support vehicles of visiting runners are requested to not ‘tail’ the runners, but rather wait behind or ahead in a safe place out of the way of traffic.
  • If you’re not a runner but would love to join the run, please let us know so that we can plan accordingly (Jenna is no stranger to walking long distances too). Many people have their own story of bowel cancer and regardless of your fitness level we would love for you to join in and tell us yours, so keep us in the loop and we’ll work with you.
  • While we don’t require visiting runners to make a donation to Bowel Cancer Australia, we of course wouldn’t knock it back if you decided to do so.
  • We would however love for every visiting runner to share their experience on social media to help spread our very important message about bowel cancer being preventable, treatable and beatable.
  • We also kindly ask that visiting runners be flexible with their plans. Jenna may find that she has to walk some days, rest completely on others, or perhaps she has visitors with her who are not able to run, and as such your pace will be dictated by Jenna’s on the day. There is also the possibility that dates may change slightly for a variety of reasons and we’d like everyone to stay upbeat if that should happen.
  • Also, one last thing – please excuse Jenna if she gets narcky, frustrated, screams, yells, cries, swears, or curses Jesus, Mary and Joseph. It’s highly unlikely to be your fault, but rather simply one of the side effects of running 4,500km.